IMI smartShelf Data Delivery

Our patented IMI smartShelf™ reports inventory status customized to meet each client’s real-time or periodic data reporting requirements.

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MITS/TOPPAT is IMI's patent pending wide area asset tracking solution maintaining a central database without requiring  manual inputs or 100% wireless coverage.

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IMI UIDexpress

First on the Internet to deliver DoD mandated UID nameplates and labels to DoD suppliers. IMI UIDexpress enjoys same month year-to-year 27% average growth for 5 years.

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IMI Custom Development

Decades of product and system development the IMI Team has the experience, creativity and innovation talents to deliver paradigm changing solutions to today's challenges.

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IMI Overview

Intrinsic Marks International (IMI) is a product and services development company base in Huntersville, North Carolina. Founded in 2001 by Mike Weaver, Managing Partner, IMI has developed and received patent allowances on a variety of innovative products and services.

The IMI Team has decades of new product development and service creation experience. After reviewing the website contact us with your requirements to see how the IMI Team can deliver a solution to your needs.