IMI smartShelf Data Delivery

Our patented IMI smartShelf™ reports inventory status customized to meet each client’s real-time or periodic data reporting requirements.

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MITS/TOPPAT is IMI's patent pending wide area asset tracking solution maintaining a central database without requiring  manual inputs or 100% wireless coverage.

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IMI UIDexpress

First on the Internet to deliver DoD mandated UID nameplates and labels to DoD suppliers. IMI UIDexpress enjoys same month year-to-year 27% average growth for 5 years.

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IMI Custom Development

Decades of product and system development the IMI Team has the experience, creativity and innovation talents to deliver paradigm changing solutions to today's challenges.

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IMI smartShelf Data Delivery


Conceived to be "electronic shelf paper" sensing and reporting the presence of shelf items, the IMI smartShelf™ is a thin (0.006") printed sensor with adhesive backing that is trimmed to fit each shelf's width and depth. The "smarts" of the IMI smartShlef is a low power microcontroller chip that is interfaced to a communications link capable reporting locally or to a central host database.

IMI smartShelf adapts to retail, security and remote inventory management applications with ease and flexibility. Based on a train-by-example set up process the IMI smartShelf quickly is configured to application requirements.

The IMI smartShelf is protected by one or more US Patents and trade secrets. All rights reserved by Intrinsic Marks International, LLC.

IMI smartShelf Data Delivery

The IMI smartShelf delivers meaningful, timely results:

-  Minimize Out of Stock (OOS) events

-  Reduce distribution costs (chain improvements) 

-  Detection & alert to sweeps (reduce shoplifting)

-  Identify consumer buying protocols (research)

-  Track new product sales in real-time (market tests)

-  Recognize incorrectly returned items (wrong shelf)

The IMI smartShelf is "smart" because:

- No change to item packaging
- No RFID chips required
- No barrier to benefits
- No privacy issues
- No capital investment in IMI’s data service business model

 Answers to Basic Questions:

- How fast is the product leaving the shelf?
- What products next to restock to avoid OOS?
- How long was a product OOS?
- How long to OOS after restock alert?
- Is product test market research data valid?
- Which display/location is most effective?
- Is there a wrong product in assigned space?


Consumer Win

- Increased satisfaction at moment of truth
- Improved overall product availability
- Reduced OOS for promotion items

Retailer Win

- Minimizing OOS
- Increased product revenues
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Track product leakage from shelves

Manufacturer Win

- Minimizing OOS yields higher revenues
- More effective promotions
- Timely and higher quality market research data
- Reduced channel and DSD Costs
    Increased brand loyalty

For additional information and a demonstration video presentation contact us with a brief summary of your requirements.