IMI smartShelf Data Delivery

Our patented IMI smartShelf™ reports inventory status customized to meet each client’s real-time or periodic data reporting requirements.

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MITS/TOPPAT is IMI's patent pending wide area asset tracking solution maintaining a central database without requiring  manual inputs or 100% wireless coverage.

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IMI UIDexpress

First on the Internet to deliver DoD mandated UID nameplates and labels to DoD suppliers. IMI UIDexpress enjoys same month year-to-year 27% average growth for 5 years.

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IMI Custom Development

Decades of product and system development the IMI Team has the experience, creativity and innovation talents to deliver paradigm changing solutions to today's challenges.

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IMI developed MITS with TOPPAT™ functionality (patent pending) to enable seamless wide area tracking of assets without wireless infrastructure requirements or dedicated activities to track managed assets.

MITS Benefits Summary

ROI Focus

More results from current resources

Current results with fewer resources

Hands free work

Workers do their job

MITS automatically captures & reports data

Enterprise-to-hand held connectivity

Application not system development

MITS framework handles back room details

TOPPAT Updating of Asset Database

 Transaction Originating Proximate Position Asset Tracking (patent pending)

The IMI MITS/TOPPAT solution is composed of two components: MITS and TOPPAT.

1 - MITS - Minimum Infrastructure Tracking Systems

Automatic Transition Creation During Normal Work Activities

Confirm asset location

Date/time, Lat/Long, Asset & Source ID

Asset Lat/Long

Work Event at asset location – at site

Date/time start, Date/time stop,

Asset & Source ID, Input Task ID

Asset Lat/Long

Relocation of asset – Location change

Date/time start, Date/time stop,

Asset & Source ID

Lat/Long start, Lat/Long stop, Path

MITS - Technical Summary

IMI MITS is a complete solution for building and deploying advanced mobile applications for mobile handheld computers. MITS simplifies the creation of workflow management applications by packaging a small-footprint relational database management system on the handheld computer. The MITS development environment used to create applications minimizes development time from concept to deployment, because minimal programming skills are necessary, though the power of a scripting language is available for advanced users.

The MITS solution provides full two-way database synchronization from the mobile handheld computer to the enterprise, so when a connection is available, your data is up-to-date from end to end. MITS Developer tools allow you to quickly assemble and deploy advanced mobile applications for data collection, querying, and reporting.

MITS Digital Mapping Module

A key component of MITS is hand held digital mapping integrated into each worker's data entry device such as a PDA. Integrated into the PDA are a set of display and real-time tracking functions that guide and assist workers find assets quickly and efficiently.

Plan Routes. See distances, compass bearings, elevation profile and estimated time

Digital maps. Merge map sheets to make a seamless map, and customize local area maps   with customer site thematic overlay data.

Program GPS.  Program complex routes and waypoints into mobile and handheld GPS units.

Plot real-time position.  See asset position accurately displayed on a PDA moving map.

Performance review. Analyze GPS tracklog data to see where movers have been, with time   distance, speed and elevation profiles.

MITS  Dynamic Dispatching Module

A Key MITS component is the host based Dynamic Dispatching Module (DDM) that accepts work orders and dispatches mobile resources in an optimum manner to maximize work flow from available resources.

Work Order driven:

In-bound asset receipts

Relocate and shuffle assets to reach asset

Out-bound staging for delivery

Dispatch Work Orders

to mobile units with crew(s) or directly to movers

GPS pickup and drop-off locations, asset ID, RFID

any size managed area

Operational journal records all dispatches and results for systematic review, analysis and simulations

2 - TOPPAT Technical Summary

IMI TOPPAT is a standalone solution for building and deploying advanced mobile asset tracking applications for handheld computers. MITS simplifies the “location” function in asset tracking by tracking the mobile worker or worker vehicle using GPS and recognizing three “events” possible as each worker is in the work area storing the mobile assets. No special data entry is required by the worker to generate TOPPAT event transactions.

Pass by – a worker passes near enough to a mobile asset that an automatic identification device such as active RFID tag, is detected then missed in a short interval. The TOPPAT hand held classifies the event as a “pass by” event noting the asset ID, GPS location and date/time.

Task Performed – a worker approaches a mobile asset and performs a task on the asset such as a repair then leaves. The mobile asset does not change location. A TOPPAT hand held classifies the event as a “task performed” event noting the asset ID, GPS location and date/time.

Relocation – a worker moves the mobile asset to a new location and leaves. A TOPPAT hand held classifies the event as a “relocation” event noting the asset ID, initial GPS location, final GPA location, Initial date/time and final date/time thus updating the central database in a timely manner when the data is uploaded.

MITS / TOPPAT Example Application

New vehicle processing center

25,000-30,000 vehicles processed annually

100+ acre open air holding yard

30-35 “movers” dispatched on 4-5 hauler vans

Manually updated vehicle location system

Problems addressed

Misplaced vehicles – manual searches take hours to find

Lost revenues -chargeable services go unbilled

Rising operating cost for vans and labor

Need to be more responsive to customers